Artificial intelligence.
Human ingenuity.

Exazyme is the AI protein design tool that helps biotech innovators to overcome humankind’s greatest challenges.
  • All-in-one app can handle targets for multiple properties

  • Superior outcomes even with 100 times fewer experiments compared to standard screening methods

  • On-site deployment or connection via your API keep your data & IP secure

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Product Overview

Get the pioneering power of AI for your protein design… without the hype

Whether you work in biotech or pharma, you like to do things differently. You strive to be the pioneer in your field.

You cherish your tried-and-tested tools, but you’re always looking for the next bold idea. Because you know that results beyond what you can currently imagine are out there.

Continuous tiny tests

Yes, everyone’s talking about AI and machine learning, but do these tools actually deliver?

The Exazyme web app lets you predict protein evolutions more efficiently.

Use our powerful AI-based algorithm to distil data patterns into actionable findings. And get quality candidates at a fraction of the number of lab experiments compared to directed evolution or deep mutational scanning.

Like a thousand wet labs working on your protein design project, all at once. At a fraction of the cost.

Achieve your target protein attributes with significantly fewer experiments.

We offer on-site deployment or connection via your API. Get in touch to find out more.

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How it works

Upload a spreadsheet with your starting data set to the Exazyme app.
The algorithm will test whether it can deliver from your data.

Thumbs up from the app? Configure your job.
Choose between random mutations, digital deep mutation scans, a fixed candidate list, and more.
Get a coffee while the algorithm predicts which sequences would improve protein properties or provides information about protein quality. Download your results.
Head to the wet lab and test the design suggestions.
Upload your newest data to evolve your protein again.
Evaluate the entire search space

Discover the highest possible absolute values

Pursue the best possible protein.

Not just the best you can identify with rational design. Not just the best you can find using standard methods such as directed evolution.

All-in-One Protein Design Tool

One app. Boundless protein possibilities.

Whatever protein characteristics you’re working to improve, the Exazyme app is here to support you. It can even target multiple properties all at once.

So, if you’re wondering whether this is the right tool for your task, the answer is probably yes.

You can use Exazyme for objectives like these:

  • Increase protein catalysis speed and enzyme activity for faster chemical reactions.
  • Enhance protein stability in solvents and varying temperatures so they’re easier to store, transport and deploy.
  • Improve protein affinity for increased protein-protein interaction.
  • Refine proteins for specificity so they’re perfect for what you need.
  • Optimize proteins for other properties that we didn’t think of – so long as you can measure them.

And there’s even more to come.

Always-Learning Algorithms

Learn from false trails

Even disappointing wet lab experiments become valuable.

Upload them to the Exazyme algorithm — and train it to predict more accurately.

Bank-Grade Privacy, Made in Germany

Your data. Your rules. Your premises, if you like.

Stay in control of your amino acid sequences, lab results, and proprietary data.

As a company based in Berlin, we’re used to following comprehensive privacy laws. But compliance is not enough. We have a culture of respecting your privacy and keeping your information safe.

That’s why we’ll sign an NDA with you when you decide to use the app. And you can choose to deploy the app on-premises, or connect via your API.

By the way: the Exazyme website and app are hosted in Germany. Data centers are DIN ISO 270** certified and SOC2 compliant.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Just one payment between you and your next scientific breakthrough

Imagine if big, bold science wasn’t limited by price.

To democratize the biotech space and help you meet your goals, we offer a one-off flat rate for your entire project. That means no matter how many protein sequences you need to make that breakthrough, you’ll still only pay a fixed service fee.

AI-Based Pattern Recognition

Ready, set, done

Whether it’s a cell phone or computer, you know the right tools help you work faster. It’s the same with a dry protein design app.

How much faster?

With Exazyme, you may achieve superior outcomes even with 100x fewer experiments compared to standard screening methods.

Imagine the breakthroughs you could achieve. All that extra time. All those ideas you’ve shelved for ‘when things calm down.’

Built-in Data Sufficiency Test

Small data set? No big deal.

There’s a good chance the app will produce impactful results from as little as 20 data points.

But you’ll know for sure before you pay for the project.

When you import your spreadsheet, the algorithm will test whether it can deliver from your data. If it can’t, it usually highlights an issue within your lab setup. When that happens, you’ll be able to use the app successfully once measurements are improved.

See for yourself what all the fuss is about

Go ahead and give it a try – all you need is an account. It takes seconds to create.
Check my data
No commitment – no payment details needed - no data stored
Case Study

Helping leading synthetic biologists outperform a Nobel-prize winning protein development method by 2.8x

For the research team at this major research institute in Germany, our AI-based algorithm created a list of novel protein variants to take to the wet lab, replacing weeks of manual modeling.

Before Exazyme

Rational design and directed evolution
Wet lab testing of 15,000+ variants
~20% active variants
Enhanced properties in ~1 in 8,000

After Exazyme

Algorithmic design and wet lab validation
Wet lab testing of 10 variants
90% active variants
Enhanced properties in 1 in 5

Two of the 10 variants tested displayed enhanced properties:

  • One showed a 2.8-fold increase in catalytic rate
  • Another consumed less ATP, making it 50% more energy-efficient
Read the full case study
About Us

Scientists in business helping businesses in science

We’re on a mission to make designing chemistry as easy as using an app — facilitating the ideas that shorten the wait to solve the world’s most pressing problems: from CO2 to cancer.

Because we believe in AI and biotechnology as tools for social good. Tools which, when used responsibly, tap into nature’s own building blocks to improve quality of life, stabilize the climate, and open up new opportunities for protecting and improving life beyond what we can currently imagine.

Ingmar Schuster, PhD

Ingmar Schuster, PhD

AI Expert & CEO

“Multipassionate.” That’s how you might describe Ingmar, who’s interested in everything from linguistics to computer science. And as our CEO, he gets to apply it all.

Our models of protein function rely on his 10+ years of experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistics. His knack for communication comes alive when collaborating with clients. And his forays into psychology have laid the foundation for a strong team.

Philipp Markert

Philipp Markert

Industrial Engineer & Serial Entrepreneur

As our COO, Philipp is the catalyst at Exazyme.

Having lived and worked across three continents, he’s fluent in English, German, and Portuguese.

His approach means you’ll have a structured and seamless experience — whether you apply for a job, work with us or use our app.

Harry Sevi, PhD

Harry Sevi, PhD

Machine Learning & AI for Science

Harry makes sure our models and algorithms are desirable side-kicks for scientist superheroes.

After studying applied mathematics and physics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Harry founded his own company. He’s always looking for ways machine learning can help you focus on what you do best: getting creative and improving life.

For humanity & beyond.

Jelena Ivanovska, PhD

Jelena Ivanovska, PhD

Biochemist & Cell Biologist

As our Chief Science Officer, Jelena is our bridge between science and business.

On the one hand, her background in molecular and cell biology keeps us grounded in research and lab work.

On the other hand, she helps us see the bigger picture — and what humanity can achieve with better proteins.

Our Advisory Board

Wise words → clever code → powerful proteins

Tomorrow’s Exazyme app will perform even better than today’s. To make that happen, we rely on advice from recognized scientists and experts in biocatalysis, AI, and drug development:
Prof. Dr. Uwe Bornscheuer

Prof. Dr. Uwe Bornscheuer

Institute of Biochemistry, Universität Greifswald, Germany

World-renowned biocatalysis expert

Dr. Hugo Grimmett

Dr. Hugo Grimmett

Staff Product Manager at Toyota Woven Planet Berlin, Germany

AI product development and building startups

Prof. Dr. Matthias Ocker

Prof. Dr. Matthias Ocker

Charité Professor, CEO and Founder
Berlin, Germany

Drug development with a focus on cancer

Expand the boundaries of your protein engineering. Seize unprecedented opportunities, faster.

Whether you’re in industrial biotechnology, pharma or the green sector: Exazyme will help you do your best work.
Pharmaceutical Industry

More therapeutic breakthroughs, less work in the wet lab

Design vastly improved antibodies, therapeutic enzymes, enzymes for drug production, and peptides.

Target protein-protein interaction networks for therapeutic purposes.

Begin clinical studies with a higher confidence in success.

Launch new products and therapies faster than ever before.

Industrial Biotechnology

The most forward-thinking way to design enzymes

Speed up your enzyme design for the production of specialty and fine chemicals, food, and food additives.
Know what to expect when you hit the wet lab.
Launch products that work like a charm — more efficiently than ever.
Green Biotechnology

Designing the proteins the planet needs: as simple as using an app

Speed up your enzyme design to improve plant properties.
Accelerate plant metabolism for enhanced hardiness and productivity.
Increase plants’ CO₂ absorption and help stop the climate crisis.

Find out if it’s a match

Book a video chat. Or test-drive the app at no charge.
Our Collaboration

Your protein evolution partner

Interested in working with us and want to picture how our collaboration will look? Here’s how:

Free initial consultation

Get a tour of the app and find out how it could work for you during a non-binding consultation. We’ll also ask more about you to discover if and how we can best support you.

NDA & user guide

When you register for the app, we start by signing an NDA to protect your data. Then you receive a user guide to get you going.

Get to work

It’s time to start making progress. Upload your data as many times as you want and use the app's suggestions to achieve the results you’ve been waiting for.
Frequently asked questions

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