Exazyme partners with Ginkgo Bioworks and becomes part of the Ginkgo Technology Network

Exazyme partners with Ginkgo Bioworks and becomes part of the Ginkgo Technology Network

We’re excited to share that Exazyme has joined forces with Ginkgo Bioworks, the leading platform for cell programming and provider of end-to-end synthetic biology R&D services, as part of the esteemed Ginkgo Technology Network. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for us, showcasing our expertise in AI for biology, particularly in protein engineering. As one of the network’s esteemed members, we’re honored to bring our industry-leading AI capabilities to this exclusive community of companies.

The Ginkgo Technology Network: Providing end-to-end solutions

The Ginkgo Technology Network is an innovative collaboration of over 25 leading technology partners, aiming to enhance customer R&D programs with integrated solutions spanning AI, genetic medicines, biologics, and manufacturing. By integrating partner capabilities, Ginkgo seeks to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions, anticipating further expansion with additional partners to eliminate silos and enhance R&D efficiency. With a current emphasis on AI, the network aims to integrate computational models seamlessly into R&D processes, leveraging feedback loops and reinforcement learning for project success. Ginkgo looks forward to offering this closed-loop capability to partners and customers alike, driving innovation in biological end markets.

Exazyme’s Mission: Making the design of proteins as easy as using an app

Exazyme drives Protein Engineering with AI, developing cutting-edge software for diverse applications. Our mission is clear: simplify biology and chemistry design to accelerate solutions from CO2 reduction to cancer, bypassing traditional method limitations. Leveraging AI, we empower biotech innovators with superior results, significantly reducing experiments by up to 100x. Collaborations, such as with Max Planck, demonstrate our success, like our recent project engineering a biocatalyst for rapid CO2 fixation, outperforming existing methods. Check out our latest publication here.

Our Collaboration: Closing the “design-build-test-learn” loop

At Exazyme, we prioritize user-friendly technology, ensuring accessibility for all scientists regardless of computational expertise. Our collaboration with Ginkgo Bioworks advances this goal by seamlessly integrating our protein engineering tools with their Foundry platform to complete the “design-build-test-learn” loop. This integration empowers biologists to engineer proteins directly, eliminating the need for a wet lab or machine learning support. Exazyme’s sequences can be tested and validated by Ginkgo, while Ginkgo’s experimental data can refine the applied models. R&D teams across various sectors can leverage Exazyme through Ginkgo’s Technology Network, starting with minimal data and achieving optimal results with as few as 20 sequences per round. This cooperative approach expedites progress in sectors such as pharma, food, and specialty chemicals, delivering rapid solutions to critical challenges.

We are excited about this collaboration as we see this as an excellent opportunity to bring our Machine Learning technology to more bio R&D teams, helping them to progress quicker, spend less and be more successful in protein design.

Read more about the Network and our contribution soon here.