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Are you a scientist looking to accelerate your protein optimization projects? Collaborate with us and gain free access to our advanced AI-Protein Tool. Contribute to the future of protein engineering while benefiting from top-tier tools and expert support.
Why become a partner? 

Streamlined Process

Our Machine-Learning guided Protein Regression facilitates "low-N protein engineering," enabling the execution of a significantly reduced number of measurements compared to traditional high-throughput screening methods.

Superior Results

Utilize our state-of-the-art tools and modules, extensively benchmarked both internally and externally. Our expertise will streamline your protein engineering process, saving you time and resources.

Expert Guidance

Collaborate with our diverse team of experts with extensive experience in protein engineering challenges. We're here to support you every step of the way.
Check out our latest collaboration and case study with the department of Biochemistry and Synthetic Metabolism at the Max-Planck Institute!
HOw to become a partner?

Simply follow this easy process!

Interested in working with us and want to picture how a collaboration will look?

Requirements Check

To initiate the collaboration, we require at least 24 sequence variants of your target protein, along with lab measurements of the property to be optimized for each variant.

Data Submission

Fill out our form. Optionally send and sign an NDA, feel free to use our template or your own. Wait for NDA completion or directly attach your data sheet. The data sheet has to be in the following format: CSV file: aa_mut, aa_seq, target value1, target value2 (see also here). If you have any questions, reach out to our Product and Biochemistry expert at any time.

Data Check

We will analyze the data set and evaluate the quality of predictions our algorithms can achieve.

Project Management

If your data set passes quality checks, we'll begin the project. We provide ongoing support throughout the process, aiming to complete the first round of lab experiments within 2 months, with subsequent rounds (up to a total of 3) within 3 months.

Feedback and Results

Depending on the outcomes, we may promote you as a research partner, highlighting our collaboration's success. Your feedback will be crucial for refining and enhancing our product. The rights to the data and generated sequences remain 100% with you.

About Us

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Scientific Collaboration with Exazyme

Dr. Lukas Pluska

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